Kung fu classes for kids. Class times and costs. Kung Fu Studio Brendale, Queensland.

Unlimited access to our kids Kung fu classes Only $36.00 per week:

  • Kung fu classes for kids access to all 3 weekly scheduled classes
  • Sifu Paul and Sifu Di direct students of Grand Master William Cheung.
  • Sifu Paul and Sifu Di on the floor teaching all Kung fu classes
  • Kung fu classes for kids, structured curriculum
  • Personal goal setting

Monday kung fu class times

  • Kids Kung fu – all levels
  • 4.15pm to 5.15pm

Wednesday kung fu class times

  • Kids Kung Fu – all levels
  • 4.14pm to 5.15pm

Saturday kung fu class times

  • Kids kung fu – all levels
  • 9.00am to 10.00am

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Q: What is Traditional Wing Chun Kung fu?

A: Traditional Wing Chun Kung fu is a southern Chinese based martial art . Wing Chun uses scientifically tested and proven drills and techniques based on human movement. It is one of the most sought after and popularly practiced self defence systems to emerge from China in the 21st Century. It is perfectly suited to all body types as it does not place emphasis on size.

Q: What will you learn? 

A: The practice of Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu, will improve self discipline, respect and self confidence. Our motto is “Think the right thing, say the right thing & do the right thing”.

Q: Will training in Traditional Wing Chun Kung fu help me be healthy and get fit? 

A: Yes, Traditional Wing Chun Kung fu training is a whole mind and body conditioning exercise program utilising Eastern training methodologies with Western sports science. It will with regular participation assist in improving and maintaining a healthy body and mind. In turn this will improve aerobic and anaerobic fitness. Our kids Kung fu classes will improve coordination, reflexes, flexibility and strength which will assist in all aspects of your life.

Q: Is Traditional Wing Chun Kung fu training suitable for all ages and genders? 

A: Yes, our program is tailor made to address the needs of each student. Students practice and progress at their own pace.

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